Monday, July 6, 2009

Look at me now

This past year I have made more friends, been in deeper relationships, and added memories of experiences I will never forget. Sometimes I begin to think, why now? Why in my last year am I becoming who I really want to be, experiences relationships, friendships that I have been dying to have this whole time. Now, at this beautiful climax in my life, I turn and leave it all behind. I see the beauty of these relationships, of spending my time walking more with God, how much that changes everything. I'm sorry, not that I 'm leaving, but that I didn't discover this earlier so that I could have enjoyed these new relationships more before I left. I know that they aren't ending, but they won't be the same. I feel so much different now. It's exciting, scary, and beautiful at the same time. I need to take from this the lesson that when I move, I have to start out where I am at now, and not move back to how I was before. I need to find those relationships before its time to move again, and make sure through all I do I am doing it for His glory, not mine. I have to live everything I am for Him. It's big, but I think I am starting to learn, and its time for me to move to the next part of His plan. Exciting. Scary. Beautiful. Is a Life for Him. <3