Monday, May 7, 2012

God's Crazy Love

Ever get those lessons from God, over, and over, and over? Even when you think you've already learned them!?! I feel that this happens quite frequently. Especially lately. I think it's not such the learning the content of the lesson, but the practice that is important. The first time we go through things we either do it wrong, and then see the mistakes to learn from, or as we are going through whatever ordeal or trial we seek God step by step. Either way its a learning process. In these beginning steps its all about learning the mechanics, the knowledge, what we are supposed to do. The next time around, its more practicing. I know for me, every time I have to continually go back to seeking that wisdom and knowledge, each time I remember more and more of it on my own. I still need those words right in front of me to help me see clearly what I need to do. Every time I always learn this sub lesson: its not about me its about God. I am completly incapable of doing this, and I need to allow and trust God to work it out for me. Ok maybe thats not the sub lesson, maybe thats the main lesson and the ordeal or trial I'm working through is the sublesson...that actually makes more sense! Recently I've been learning a lot about putting others completely before me, no matter how much I don't want to. I've been learning about loving others, even when they hurt me or I feel betrayed by them. I'm learning to deal with people in real sense. People in their imprefections. More importently not just their imperfections, but their imperfections that are affecting me! It's easy to love somoone who is good for you, who builds you up, makes you a e better person, or brings joy into your life. Then there is loving the people we know have imperfections, we see them and we say "I have imperfections. Its ok. I love you." but what about when those imperfections affect us? What happens when people mess up towards us and it hurts? What happens when friends don't do friendly things? When people you thought you could trust, it turns out you cant? What about those people who just make your time miserable? Then things aren't really so easy. Especailly when our natural mindset as humans is to take care of ourselves. It's all about us, even when we think its really not. How do we love people when there is not only absolutely nothing in it for us, but it actually hurts us?! It all goes back to God and His love for us. **For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16** God loves us so much that He purposely hurt Himself. He knew He would have to send Jesus, His Son! Not only to live as a human, but to be emotionally battered and hurt, but physically tortured as well! He would even forsake Him and turn His away from Him. He saw that coming. Not only that, but afterwards He continues to love us and extend His forgiveness. THAT is CRAZY love! I don't think I will EVER be able to love like God loves. But, that's what makes God so holy, and perfect. In order to glorify Him, I need to strive my best to be Holy as He is Holy, and to love others as HE loves. It's crazy, but its God, and He is kindly, and gently helping me to learn day by day. Wow. <3 **So Blessed**