Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can we move mountains?

Honestly, this verse scares me every time I read it.
A battle of thoughts presents itself,:
           "moving a mountain is impossible..."  
                       "What would God ever want me to do that was big?.."

           "a mustard seed is ridiculously small.."  
                        "if the disciples faith wasn't big enough, how would I ever be able to.."

It challenges me every time! What might God be wanting me to do that seems impossible to me, but with the slightest bit of faith in God would be done?!

Maybe instead of searching to see what God wants me to do by looking at what I'm capable of I need to look at what seems impossible.

Moving a mountain seems impossible and ridiculous all at the same time. Human vantage point! This gets me thinking, what out there might God be laying on hearts that when first looked at we may set aside as not from God because of our human vantage point only sees it as "moving a mountain" aka "something completely impossible and ridiculous. " The question I would want us to ask ourselves is this, "is this something you know God would want?' Yes, moving a mountain may seem silly, but what if it was in the way of God rescuing someone? So challenge yourself, what do you know God wants that seems impossible?

A small mustard seed?? How can I possibly not have that much faith? I'm a God following, good Christian girl, head over heels in love with God? Of course I have that much faith, right...?
Reading the Gospel stories we continually see the disciples side-by-side with Jesus. They witness His miracles, they hear his stories, they are there learning and following Him every step! Yet, this task they were trying to do on their own and failed! Maybe it isn't that we don't logically see the facts of what Jesus can do, but more the belief in our hearts of what He will USE US to do. If we believe God can do ALL things, then He can most certainly work THROUGH US. The light at the end of this story is that we know the disciples did go on to do great works for Jesus! After Jesus has ascended into heaven He is working through his disciples to cast out Demons, exactly what they couldn't do here. So have faith in God that He would use you, and that no matter your weaknesses and failures, it isn't about what YOU can do (because most certainly then it would be bound to fail) but what GOD can do!

And He wants to use you!

I praise God that He uses a broken sinner like me!  I pray that He shows us what mountains He would have us move in His name!

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