Friday, July 24, 2015

The constant in life is God

Life changes. Societies change. People are different. 
There is much unknown and constantly changing in life. Many of us, me included, can start to be inhinged and scared when  introduced with the unknown. 
Our security can come from the one constant we do have in life. 
He never changes! 
We can have assurances of His character  because we know He is the same for all eternity! 
Read through the Bible and you see His character!
Get to know God- His love for justice, and His love for redemption! God has a constant desire to save us and be Glorifified! 
We need to know who God is and this will be an anchor in our rocky changing world. 

 We are weak. God is strong.
 We mess up. God saves.
We are don't know our life plan.
God has it all sorted out. 
We hurt others, and are hurt.
God heals. 

Read the bible from cover to cover just to see Who God is.

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