Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Love the difficult ones too

This isn't a " maybe when" or "if" statement. 
This is a continual, all the time statement! 
Our Christian friends and family, those closest to us will be hard to deal with. They will disappoint, hurt and straight up aggregate us! We are all sinful people! It is going to happen. And probably happen a lot. 
The wonderful, always sweet and thoughtful "ideal" Christians in our life will be so easy and rewarding to live around and love. And when those people come in our life whose burdens are too much for us we will find it easy to not love on then and bear with them as we blame
It on their sin, and not our responsibility. But we have to bear and love the difficult ones as well. 
Our focus needs to be on continually bearing each other,  giving freely of love and  forgiveness.

Just as God did for us

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