Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Solution

Today I was reading Ephesians 5 and what I was reading really hit me as a solution to my anxiety and fears I have been trying to ignore. I really need to remember to give thanks to God in every situation, for all that is happening to me. This is also what Pam Tebow stressed at the conference. No matter what is happening thank God for it. I realized as I read this chapter, and as I remembered her words, that if I was doing that constantly, it would help my stress so much, and I would have a much more positive attitude. Instead of me trying to fight off negative fears I start with the positive which builds a barrier and a defense against those fears. This would help me to continue to look to God in all situations and praise Him for it, not just worry about what He is doing. It needs to be an attitude adjustment. I want to be an imitator of Christ in all I do. I need to ask my self and reflect to see if all my actions , my speech, my thoughts, how I spend my time, reflect Him.

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