Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's March! The month of wonderfulness! Part 1: My Birthday!

March is wonderful for many reasons. The biggest is it's my birthday month, and yes I celebrate the whole month. It is the beginning of Spring, my favorite season. And it is the month of Spring Break. Let me start out by saying I had a wonderful Birthday!! Thanks to wonderful family, friends, coworkers and parents. I have been getting nonstop birthday wishes and every single one has put a smile on my face. About a week before my birthday I went into a low foreseeing a lonely sad and much different birthday I would ever face. That same day God taught me a very important lesson about thanks and joy in all situations and it completely changed my outlook. Ever since that point He has been blessing me continually through everyone I know. He truly is the God who sees, and I feel my name, Jessica - blessed by God, truly describes me.
I was able to get a great ticket price to go home after my birthday, even with the late date. I am taking off a week from work during the Spring Break period, and was easily able to find a sub. Last month I worked extremely hard hours, and was very much feeling it. Those hours were thrown to me, and where not sought out by me at all. I had no idea how much those hours would add up the next month. THe hours added up so much that I doubled my paycheck and was able to not only afford the good price for my ticket but also to pay for all the extra responsibilities that were coming up this month that I was worried about, while giving extra and actually saving some. All of this unplanned by me, but I know foreseen by God. He really works things out for good when you let Him take control.
The Friday before my birthday I was thrown a surprise birthday party by my class. I felt so loved and appreciated when I saw all that the teacher and the children's parents had done for me. I received a very cute Alyssa Milano Gators shirt and multiple gift cards! They made me swear to use them on myself to buy myself some nice clothing and not give them away :-p I felt so blessed and loved by them for what they did.
Before my birthday even arrived I received a package from my brother, Jon, but I waited until Sunday to open it. On Sunday right after church I went to check my email and Jon was on Ichat!!! this is only the 2nd time I have ever been on at the same time as him! So I opened my presents from him with him "there." It was so much fun, and so wonderful to be able to talk to him and share my joy over the awesome movies he bought me. He bought me three Jimmy Stewart movies: Bell, Book and Candle. Rear Window, and Harvey(MY favorite!!!) All three wonderful movies! I'm so excited to get to watch them with Grandma. He is an awesome brother(all mine are of course <3)
My uncle( who is the best uncle in the world) bought me two books, one being Blindside which I am very excited about, a balloon with a ladybug on it(I love ladybugs!) and a yummy berry cake. Grandma was able to get out and go out to eat for the first time since her fall and it was such a wonderful experience to get to do that together again.
I got a phone call from Nicole, from my brother josh, from Jamiie, and my Aunt Trish! It was so nice getting to talk to them all (minus Nicole because I couldn't get a hold of her when I tried calling back :( but it was nice to hear from her!) I truly have a wonderful loving family. <3
At church that night AmberDee was soooo thoughtful and bought cupcakes and then they sang me happy birthday when I came in. :)
And now I am on my way home - Everything is wonderful :)

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