Friday, June 27, 2014

New way of thinking

I love the summer! I love the heat, I love the sun, and I LOVE my free time! Summers are almost always my mountain top time of the year. During the summer is when I start to "get it right" I make my own schedule so finally I get back to my morning routines I love. These mornings consist of sitting down with a warm cup of coffee, my Bible, a challenging book and most importantly some intimate God time. My weakness is, and has been for a long time - keeping this up until the end of the summer and into the school year. I know once school starts I can't sip on coffee, read, and pray for hours like I can now, but going from 2 to nil is not the way it should be either. A month into my summer break and I have already started to struggle with daily prayer and reading time. I am challenging myself (and asking others to do the same to me) to stay consist, even if the time amount changes. So far during these times I have found myself constantly pondering how I can go deeper in my time reading my Bible. This summer God seems to be poking me and saying "Hey, this book is important! Read it to know it!" My husband and I have been reading straight through together. I have done this a few times and considered it enough times. This was because while I read the old testament and love the stories I have found it hard to find it challenging to me. My husband is the one who started to get me thinking differently. So while I somewhat begrudgingly in my spirit started reading through from the beginning, God began to challenge me about that begrudgingness and asking me why it was that if He put it in there as important, I wasn't able to "get anything out go it" This led to many months of me having this topic in my head. At the start of the summer I started a new book in my reading time. One of the reasons I loved this book (Lies Women believe - read my post!) is that the author continually used scriptures to back up her writing. I started noticing a lot of Old Testament! This only dug in deeper into me that what I was reading through now was important, did have relevant truths to my life, and I needed to see them! Still I wasn't sure how to! The beginning of June started a serious of meeting at my church during the week. The first lesson was about Love, most importantly our love relationship with God. The speaker stressed that your time reading the Bible is not about how much time you read, what you read, or how much, but what you learn about God. He challenged us to read slowly, read details, pray while we read, and ask ourselves, "what did I learn about God through this?" All of these came together to me into a a lightbulb. All that I read, all that I do and study is to really to know God more in order to be more intimate with Him and glorify him more in my life. So my daily challenge now to myself is to ask that question, " What is God showing me about himself today." And each day, as I read my Bible, my book, as I pray, as I sing along to the radio, talk to friends, clean the house, cook dinner, enjoy private conversations with God, enjoy His beauty-What is He revealing about Himself to me.

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Hannah H. said...

I enjoyed your post!! What a great reminder of the importance of God's word. Enjoy your summer reading time!!