Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let God be GOD!

Let God be GOD!! 

This is the resounding message I have heard this last week. When I continually ask myself what God is showing me, He has shown me HE is the doer, not me, and I have to TRUST Him. Very recently there have been many life changing scenarios approaching, and I being the planning, controlling, Human that I am have started analyzing every angle, of every possible further choice, along with all possible solutions to the many possible scenarios of the MANY choices that MAY happen to come up soon! As crazy as that sounds when I say it like that, what I was trying to do was prepare myself for every situation to make the best choice believing that I really know best and can control things. As many know when this happened STRESS is what follows. The reason is, is that we cannot know how everything plays out, what options we have when the time to make a choice comes, what each of those choices could lead too, which will make us happier better people. God is the only all-knowing one out there. God is the only one who can control what choices we are offered. God is the only one who can take any choice we make and bless it no matter what struggles and difficulties come from it. So I need to let God do His thing! The reason I stress is because I struggle with allowing God to do His things, believing that I am the only one who could possible do it right. Now I don't flat out say that, but I show it from my actions when I continually choose to control things (or attempt and plan to) instead of allowing God to.
I need to let go of God's job and refocus on my job. God is full of mercy, and its not my job to strive for perfection in my life. My job is to strive for a relationship. God's goal is to bring glory to himself, and I share in that as well. We just have different ways of going about it. God creates and changes lives, I learn more about Him, spend time with Him so that I can better sing His praise and share about Him. I bring Him glory when I show the world that when chaos and stress abound around me, I can sit back peacefully and rely on my God. I bring glory to God in my heart and show Him to the world when situations don't turn out happy, when struggles and hurt do come from certain choices and situations and I choose to be content and thankful to Him for his providence, care and love. That'y my job. And it brings peace, joy, and an overwhelming sense of God's love - not stress!

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