Monday, July 14, 2014

Desire God and He gives you the desires of your heart

Just the other day I was reading my book and the author was telling about her life and how God had worked through her to start and be involved in ministries. She ended by saying how she looks back and sees how God gave her the desires of her heart. As I read her story my heart bled to feel that way. I have passions and desires in my heart. I see needs, and ideas of way to change and improve things. So many times I have tried to start things and they fall through, or the timing doesn't work out. I found myself asking God, when will that be me? All of a sudden I felt as if I must be failing, because every big idea I had ever had seemed as if it had failed. I ended that day missing the point of that chapter. But God is a big God, and He doesn't let you miss a message He wants you to hear. Over the next few weeks my mind would constantly wonder to the questions on my heart. I wondered if the passions I had felt in my heart were misplaced. I wondered if I was supposed to "desire" something else. I wondered if I hadn't bee faithful with a little God had given me so would He never give me more? I continued to read in 1 Kings how God takes care of Israel and continues to work out His plan even through evil Kings who did not even follow Him. Verses in my reading continued to come up with God as in control.  Over the week I watched as my family tried to work out a plan for my grandma to be taken care of. I saw how my family never could have imagined the situation they were in now, and I continued to hear God's whisper to trust Him. That Saturday night I talked to my uncle about how he got to where he was in his ministries. I heard about a man who was given a career he never planned to have! And how that career led him into more ministries; how God used his life in ways he never planned, but were dreams come true for him! On Sunday I listened as my Pastor tell of how he prayed, planned, and sought to plant a church. He even had the city picked out! He truly gelt led to start there! But his plans fell through, and God led Him, through his providence, to our church, where he now ministers with a passion knowing this is where God wants him. On Monday I had to do   one of the hardest things for me, which may seem so little and minuscule to others, I said goodbye to my younger cat Bobbi. My parents had been kinda and said they would give her a home. On Monday night I talked to my parents about how she was doing and was filled with a sense of peace and joy as they claimed she was comfortable and happy. That week as I enjoyed the new found peace of just one cat, and the extra love and attention from Marigold as she came out of her shell now that her "competing nuisance" was gone I heard God's many reminders that trusting in Him to lead your life plans, really does lead to peace and joy. I knew the lesson God wanted me to learn. What was common among all the lives I learned about, was that no matter our detailed plans, our desire to serve God and do His will in our lives is what He will give to us. Our plans may not end up looking like His plans, but if our desire is to follow and serve Him, we are on the right path.
I reflected on my life and where God had led me. I see the blessings he has poured out on me as I have followed Him, even all the way to Missouri! God has been blessing my year by year with desires of my heart and He has placed me where I am serving Him. I need to continue to focus on Him, and let Him continue to be the desire of my heart and not fret when the "plans" I made fell through, because His plans never do!

Proverbs 16: 9
In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their course.

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails

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