Friday, September 12, 2014

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

      I've had a season change in my life. School has started, church groups have kicked in,  and my life has exponentially gotten busier! In the blissful quiet of Summer I knew this would eventually come. My one to two hour quiet times have become nonexistent, but this year I have been able to stay consistently spending time praying and reading in the morning with God before the rush of my day. What I have learned from this change is that it is ok for your God time to change as your life changes, as long as the one thing that remains the same is your search in your heart after a deeper relationship with Him.
      I have consistently struggled with the "good enough" and "doing enough" feeling in my life. As I transitioned in my life I began to struggle again as I reflected on my time with God and wondered, is it enough? Thankfully a wonderful friend, and accountability partner reminded me as I was rehashing my time with God over the week and wondering if I was doing good enough, that it wasn't about being good enough and with different seasons in our life it's ok to do things differently. That was when God stepped in and reminded me of the wonderful new experiences I have had since everything has been changing. I truly have been enjoying my new morning experiences, and with them God is teaching me new things! These  new things would never have come about if I hadn't undergone a change. Now in my time I read less, but mull over it more. I have been reading more Psalms( because they are short) and have grown my spirit of praise! I have started coloring words in my bible which is a quick way to pick out details. The biggest change is my prayer. Now I am praying a lot more for people instead of myself, and my prayers into humble please for help. My summer turned from a time of comfort and reflection where I searched myself daily with God, into a Fall with constant prayer to God for total reliance to make it through my day and prayers of God using me in every life I come across, which is a lot at school. These changed prayers have opened new ways of seeing my heart, life around me, and new ways of God's amazing grace and mercy.
       My life changed, and so did my time with God, and so did what I have seen and learned about Him. I had started to fall into the temptation of "its about me and me doing enough" which would have sucked me into feeling bad and focusing on myself, instead of reflecting on the amazing mercy and ways of God. Different ways of being with God build the relationship in different ways, much like it does any relationship. These shorter times have taught me more focus and to reach out and make more of the special moments with God. So no matter what season you are in life, its not about are you doing enough, the important thing is to remember to make it a consistent priority of always putting God first and desiring to know Him first.

Glory in his holy name;
    let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Look to the Lord and his strength;
    seek his face always.
Psalsms 105:3-4 

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