Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Waiting for God's big plan?

I love the story of David. A young man plucked out of a field to be a hero for Isreal. He is a hero that gives all glory to God, and displays His might through the battles he faces. David is seen as a tender heart for God as you read through the Psalms. David makes his mistakes too, but each time they are followed by a resentful, sorrowful, humble heart towards God. As I'm nearing the end of Chronicles I am reading of David and his passion to build the temple for God. David sees a need, and a noble deed that can be done in honor and glory of God. David sees a good plan, that he can accomplish with his God given resources and blessings. He even asks advice from the prophet Nathan, and he sees it as a good thing too! But what happens next is surprising! God says no! God goes to David and tells him that the temple is a good thing, and that it will come, but in God's time and God's plan. He tells David that his son will build the temple. He tells David his own purpose. He reminds David of all that God has planned for him to do. David was made as fighter. He has fought and conquered all around Isreal and kept the lands at peace. He has fought and won battles that show of God's might and strength and blessings in Isreal. David's purpose from God was as a fighter. This also meant that he had blood on his hands and therefore God would not allow him to build the temple. The response here from David could have been immense sorrow, displeasure, a feeling of inadequacy. But David was humble. He praised God for who He was was and His and recognized that God and His plan are sovereign. Then in the next chapter he is back to fighting and conquering again! He is showing off God's plan for him as a warrior for God.
I think this can be a great example in our life. David had a plan for a very noble job! Which seems like the more Godly career or task, fighting and slaying or building a beautiful place of dwelling and worship for God. I can tell you what everyone can day! But God's plans are higher then ours. God said He had His own special purpose for David, and God didn't place David's task of being a warrior any lower then His temple. God had purpose and timing. David showed the appropriate humility when he rejoiced in God and just being a part of God's plans and perfect timing. I know I personally have dreamed big dreams for God! I have had such glorious ideas of ways God could use me to do big things for Him! I've gone through the disappointment when it doesn't work out for me but it does for others. I have been so focused on the future and waiting and waiting for God to give me that "Big" job that is his "real" plan for me. Not this day to day work I've been stuck in.  But God is there next to me saying, where you are and what you are doing is big! It's exactly where I want you! You are in my plan right now, because I always have the perfect plan! I need to react like David and rejoice that God is an amazing God and knows best! God knows what He wants me to do and He has me where I am for a reason. Instead of waiting for something more noble or God-like to pop up for me to do I need to focus on what God is already calling me to do! David was thrown into the title of warrior. He didn't start out that way. He was a shepherd boy! But his first battle with Goliath he stepped into because he was defending God! I need to focus my everyday actions on just answering the little calls and jobs of God around me, because that is where He wants me. Like David  I need to be satisfied and rejoice knowing that God knows me,  I am in His purpose right where I am, and focus on the right now to show His glory with where I am.
I hope you can find the satisfaction of knowing you are in His plan now! And instead of worrying about the "Big" plan you want to do someday, will react like David and get back out there doing the job God has called you. Because if God called you to it - it is the most noble and Godly plan!

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